Featured model: Guinevere Van Seenus

Day after day, thousands of fashion models adorn the pages of magazines, websites, and the canvases of billboards.  What appears before us is a collaboration of model, clothing designer, fashion stylist, director, producer, and photographer.  The result can be just your everyday display of clothing, or a flaunt of daring haute couture that strains the seams of social tolerance.

Some fashion photo shoots go the extremes of edginess, and for some reason certain models get picked for this.  Maybe it’s their facial features, their personality, or a combination thereof.  But some seem to attract this kind of fashion display on a regular basis, in between the usual modeling.  They are well within the norm one moment, but in the next they barely resemble what we’ve known them to be.  Sometimes it’s scary, mind boggling, or even horrific.  One such model I recently discovered who frequently appears in edgy fashion shoots is Guinevere Van Seenus.  Well, even the name sounds unusual, like some strange character from the realm of Harry Potter.

(Yes, this is a picture of the same person, made up to extreme differences)

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