What was lost was finally found

It is April 2020, and the last post made on this blog was just about 8 years ago. That is, by Internet standards, an extremely long period of time. There was no warning. No farewell message about the site closing… it just stopped, as has typically happened for a majority of blog sites that get started (I read a New York Times article saying that blogs have a higher failure rate than restaurants!).

To avoid a long, tedious explanation, the reason for the “dark” period was a credentials problem. The original admin email address hosting domain was canceled, with very little warning. WordPress has a very thorough & strict security program, and if you don’t keep your authentication details in order, you can end up losing your site. So, the site was “locked out.” Nothing to be done. Until… the luck of an old computer hard drive, where the original admin credentials were luckily discovered.

On the personal side, I am still alive and healthy. I have made some interesting hosiery discoveries over the years since the site went dark, and will post about them. Nothing “earth shattering,” but some thoughts & experiences that might be informative for anyone who may come back here.

One final note: I hope everyone stays very safe during this COVID19 CoronaVirus pandemic! Social distancing & adequate hygiene (washing of hands regularly, avoiding public surfaces that are touched, sanitizing new items that you bring home, etc.) is key.

‘The coronavirus would likely survive better on artificial fibers such as polyester than on cotton.’

So, if you’re thinking it might be feasible to create your own face mask using damaged nylon tights that you don’t wear any longer, think again. Use natural fiber fabrics like cotton. If you have cotton hosiery, the less polyester content the better. However, you could use pantyhose or thin tights material as a liner, for added comfort, with the outer layer being mostly natural fiber (like cotton).

Lastly, the COVID19 CoronaVirus lives longest on cold steel materials, and shortest on porous materials. When sanitizing surfaces, use an antiseptic fluid, but try to minimize using anti-bacterial liquids–their overuse can actually result in stronger bacteria and possibly a virus mutation that can survive it.

Stay safe out there!

3 thoughts on “What was lost was finally found

  1. bonjour,merci de continuer ce blog avec tout ces articles et liens intéressant qui doivent te prendre beaucoup de temps ,a bientôt.

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