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UPDATE: This site was “idle” for a number of years, without any updates. Apologies for the lack of warning or explanation. There was an authentication problem, backup email domain was terminated by the hosting company, and WordPress required authentication proof that could not be sourced. It wasn’t until just recently the original credentials were randomly discovered on an older computer. There will be come new content appearing in the coming weeks.

I know, you’re probably wondering, just what is this blog all about.  Well simply put, it’s about hosiery.  Specifically, tights in fashion and athletics.  It is rated PG-13 in both content and images.  There is no overt nudity and no pornography.

The focus is also more on tights for the taller, athletically proportioned person.  It originally started out focused on “tights for men” (hence the name), but later changed to become more generally focused.  Let’s face it–there’s a lot more going on about tights for women’s fashion than there is for men!  But what is covered here is a mix of many things.  There’s fashion commentary, there’s humor, some useful tips and observations, and last but not least, product, brand, and retailer reviews.

So yes, I did say tights for fashion that includes men.  There is actually a fashion movement afoot in this direction, albeit a slow and somewhat tenuous one.  It’s interesting to follow it and see what goes on, what might come next.  But for the most part, there are plenty of men wearing fashion tights for a multitude of reasons.  The content won’t be limited to this area, and will also cover tights for athletics (running, sports, ballet, or any other venue where tights are worn).

If you’re choosing to read this blog, then you’ll probably want to know more about the author, so you can understand the perspective at hand.  I’m a physically fit, active straight male in his 40’s who is 6′ (183cm) tall and athletically proportioned.  I’m quite far from being a fashion maven, but I’ve always taken an interest in looking good and being comfortable in my clothing.  And I do periodically wear tights.  😉  Not just running tights, but the actual fine hosiery that women have had the benefit of using as part of their wardrobe fashion since the 1950’s.  Usually dark and opaque, sometimes semi-sheer.  I don’t wear them in the open, though.  Believe it or not, there are men daring to do that, but to me it just doesn’t look right… “yet.”  Some clothing designers have dared to try it and, in some cases the attempts look pretty good (but it still has a long way to go).

If you’re interested in getting a look at this blog from the beginning, just go jump on over to “Getting Started“.  I hope you enjoy what I write and that it not only entertains but informs you.  Please feel free to comment and I’ll try my best to provide thoughtful responses.  I welcome both women and men to share and interact here, so I’ll look forward to hearing your voices.  The more exchanges that go on, the more we learn from each other.

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“ITEM m6” tights that are tall friendly for men

A few years ago, I happened upon a hosiery brand quite by chance. It’s called Medi, and they’re mostly known for manufacturing medical aids for wear after medical procedures, orthopedic support garments, and compression garments that promote healing. Medi created a subdivision product line called “ITEM m6” that addresses beauty & wellness, hosiery and under garments for the general retail market (mostly targeted to women’s needs, but also some products for men).

item m6
Why “ITEM m6”? The company is not forthcoming with the reason. Their website as well as parent company Medi’s website does not disclose it. I’m thinking there are different orthopedic/compression garment type classifications and “m6” was chosen for this particular class of retail compression wear. But it’s only a guess–the mystery still remains.

After careful review of the ITEM m6 product line, I found that the Opaque and Beauty styles would work best given my proportions (6′ (183cm), 219lbs (99 kg)). Reviews of these upcoming styles to follow next. Stay tuned!

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