Tights Repair 101

Sometimes your tights get damaged and there’s nothing you can do about it.  No hope for the patient.  Either you toss them out, or cut them up into cleaning rags (which by the way, can be terrific for all kinds of things where minimal scratching is essential, like an LCD screen).  Yep, I’ve cut up the leg of some microfiber tights and used a swatch as a laptop screen cleaning rag, with nobody the wiser as to what the material’s previous life was.

But what if the damage is minor and there’s some hope left for the patient?  Certainly you’ll want to do what you can to save your tights, especially if you spent a relatively small fortune on them (like a $59 pair of Falke or Wolford tights).

There is hope.  I’ve had a little experience in this matter, so I’ll share with you some of my tips.  I don’t guarantee that they’ll work for every situation, and longevity is always subjective.  However, if 15 minutes of repair work extends your tights for at least a few more wearings, that’s time well spent.

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Poll: How do your tights typically wear out?

This is the first poll I’ve tried on my blog.  Now that there’s decent traffic going pretty regularly, I thought perhaps my readers might enjoy participating in a poll.  Here goes!

In the poll below, please choose the top 3 reasons for your tights wearing out.  I think I’ve pretty much covered the bulk of them, but I’ve also added an “other” selection.  Please comment if you select that, as I’d like to hear about other ways… and that is, ways only rated “G” (for general audience)!  🙂

As a follow-up, you can visit an article I published about how to make your tights last, HERE.