Review: Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 50 den tights

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know how I usually wear only opaque styles.  I don’t go for the sheer styles, because my tights wearing has pretty much been limited to the cooler months.  I did try one pair of Fiore 40 denier tights, having a semi-opaque appearance, and found they were reasonably good.  The more sheer the tights, the greater chance for increased comfort though.  The material tends to breathe more.  Also, the finer denier yarn helps the material hug your skin more closely.  I did end up finding some tights styles from Donna Karan and DKNY which have a wonderfully smooth feel and conform to my body contours extremely well, almost like a more sheer style would.  But due to the high thickness, they become less comfortable in warm weather (or when worn under heavier trousers).

I’d heard of the Pierre Mantoux hosiery brand some time ago and recognized that their reputation is excellent, often mentioned alongside more popular brands like Philippe Matignon and Falke.  The Veloutine 70 style grabbed my interest after reading a terrific review about it on the Hosiery For Men blog.  The reviewer’s opinion seemed very positive, although with the pricing not far from styles made by Falke and Wolford, he tended to prefer the latter.  While finding Pierre Mantoux tights on sale is a rather uncommon event, I did manage to spot a pair of the Veloutine 50 tights up on that famous auction site for a super deal (less than $10 shipped within USA).  The only drawback was that they were only offered in size II (medium).  I figured I would get them for a girlfriend as they’d not fit me.

Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 50 package

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