Tights are not pants, part III

Well, I wouldn’t have expected it, but my “Tights are not pants” series has proven to be one of the most popular on my blog.  With two installments so far, I think it’s time for a third… although it will probably be the last, as one can beat a dead horse only for so long 😉 .  I wouldn’t have thought it possible to continue, except that this fashion faux pas just keeps generating so much material.  Isn’t “faux pas” a great expression?  It literally means “false step” in French, the language of origination.  And it dovetails well with the premise, taking a false step by forgetting that you’re not wearing pants.

Don’t get me wrong–I think tight leggings or thick tights can be worn on the right body with little else, but there should at least be some coverage of the derriere and crotch by a short skirt, shorts, long shirt, or shawl.

These are not pants

Do you even need to ask?

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