TSB, “The Style Blogger”

TSB, “The Style Blogger”, is a rather popular blog by Dan Trepanier focused on clothing styles for men.  He has a refined sense for male fashion that is conservative and yet dynamic.  He got started back in early 2010 and his blog has taken off, garnering quite a bit of attention.  Recently, he was named Esquire magazine’s ”Best Dressed Real Man in America”. Not bad for such a short time blogging!

Dan was thoughtful enough to make a post over the summer, that is devoted to female readers who have been following his blog for spouse or boyfriend fashion ideas.  It’s about “Menswear Inspired Looks for the Ladies”.

Menswear Style featured on "The Style Blogger", with Jenilee Thornton
(Original photos by Alex Crawford / Photo edit by T4M)

Jenilee Thornton modeled the styles and Alex Crawford took the photos.  Click on the link above to see the full write-up with additional photos.

Filodoro is also leveraging this menswear inspired trend for their 2011/2012 hosiery catalog.

Filodoro hosiery, style Atlas