Tights for tanning… what?

OK, we’re in the midst of winter, a time when our skin is gradually getting more pale with less sun exposure.  Do you visit a tanning salon?  Do you take a tropical vacation and get a deep tan in that short time?  Do you use an artificial tanning product?  Or, do you just cover up with opaque tights and wait for spring?

Women are often quite preoccupied with tanning in the warmer months. On average, I see far more women baking in the sun for a tan than guys do.  Even in this day and age, when we’ve come to learn so much about skin melanoma and how dangerous the sun’s rays are, people still love to bask in the rays of the sun with minimal clothing.  Apparently, malignant melanoma is Britain’s second most common cancer in 15 to 34-year-olds, responsible for 2,000 deaths in England and Wales every year.  Thankfully there is high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) lotion available, where you can more adequately control how much sun exposure you get.  And while sales of sunblock lotion has been increasing, the sales of artificial tanning products has also been on the rise.

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