Review: Elly Carezza Luna Piena 60

I’d not heard of the Elly brand until I discovered it on Hosieree.  Elly is an Italian company that was founded by Mr. Ubaldo Elli in 1963.  They started producing just stockings, but then moved to compression stockings and then finally pantyhose and tights.  Today they produce 400,000 pairs per month.  The brand is subdivided into two prominent product lines:  Antistress and Carezza.  I also discovered that they have a sub brand called LUI & LEI, a unisex line for both women and men.  However, it is mentioned into just two places on the website and not identified prominently as a separate line alongside Antistress and Carezza.  The Elly website is rather simple in design and the English side was not well checked for grammar and spelling.  I really think their web presence and website could do with an overhaul!  If it weren’t for Hosieree (and Shapings), I think Elly would pretty much be an unknown brand in the USA, because searches on the brand hardly show anywhere else.

First Impressions
I received a pair of Elly Carezza Luna Piena 60 denier style tights from Hosieree.  The packaging comes in a box, similar to the Fiore Elite styles, and is rather good quality.  The front looks quite old style, but classic European.  The tights are very well packaged, wrapped around card stock and inserted in a cellophane sleeve inside the box.  You definitely get the impression that these are meant to be very good quality.
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