Picture of the Day

“Deeply opaque and satin sheen” is the theme for this Picture of the Day.
Cecilia de Rafael - Uppsala tights
Cecilia de Rafael – Uppsala 950 style

Talk about ultimately opaque!  You won’t be seeing through these at all, even at the bending knee.  They’re a very densely woven fabric of 80% nylon and 20% Lycra, with a satin sheen.  I haven’t found out what the denier is, but the weight is 150g, so you know there’s a lot of material in these.  Because they are so dense, manufacturing had to resort to a back seam up the legs.  The seams are woven flat, so they should be comfortable.  Cecilia de Rafael isn’t the only brand with tights like these.  Platino came out with their own version that looks very similar, named “Luxe Fata“, except that they mention it is made of a Charmeuse yarn.  It’s stated as 70 denier, so it must be a very tight weave because of the very opaque appearance.  All I can say is, what a great way to brave the winter.  😉