Picture of the Day

Natalie Imbruglia is a female vocalist, who has had a couple of hits across the years.  She’s not as well known as someone like Sheryl Crow, and certainly nowhere near Lady Gaga (who I like to call Lady Gag-a; she has singing talent but I don’t buy into the whole make-millions-on-my-image thing).  Anyway, Natalie made a music video for her song “Want” back in 2009.  In it, she’s featured strutting about a wide open highly spacious apartment wearing just a snug turtleneck long sleeve shirt, high heels, and very opaque tights.

At one point, she has taken off her shirt and heels, and is lying on her low to the floor bed with her legs swinging back and forth, almost telegraphing that she really enjoys wearing those opaques.  😉  At another point, while she’s continuing video taping herself (presumably for the lover who left her) she pulls up her shirt to expose the waistband of her opaque tights saying “take a good look at what you gave up”.  If you look for images of her on-line, you’ll find quite a large number of them with her sporting opaque black tights, so this may be the look she requested to do in the video.

Commenting on her video, Natalie said: “It’s a sexy song and I was feeling confident, strong and sexy and wanted to express that.” She added: “Besides, I was wearing tights!”  Here’s a photo montage from the video (click to enlarge):

Natalie Imbruglia's music video "Want"

Video link: Natalie Imbruglia – Want

Bonus points if you can identify the tights she is wearing!  😀