The merits and minuses of dance tights for casual wear

Prior to the 1990’s, you’d be hard pressed to find any commercial hosiery makers offering tights that fit your average proportioned male of 6’/183cm.  The next viable alternative would be the dance wear makers.  Of course, most everyone knows the names Capezio and Danskin.  But the tights they offered were made in a very limited range of colors and styles.  You basically had “full fashioned” with a back seam, or standard.  Colors were white, gray, tan, and black.  And they all came in 100% nylon.  Durable, but not all that stretchy, and not comfortable to wear under your trousers.

In the 1980’s there were two prominent dance wear brands that were available in USA stores that offered tights for men made of a Lycra blend, that being Baltogs and M.Stevens Design (Marilyn Stevens).

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