How do you clean your tights?

Do you just toss your tights in the wash along with the rest of your synthetics or cold wash garments?  That’s not a good idea, actually.  Although a good pair of tights can survive such a washing repeatedly, the odds are that they will eventually get snagged or torn.  But much more likely is that they will suffer microscopic surface abrasions, which appears in the form of “pilling”.  That’s where you see these very small raised specs on the material.  You can usually just pull them off without incident.  But what is actually happening is that the material is weakened at those spots, increasing the likeliness of a tear.  And before even a tear appears, you get that unsightly pilled look.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Washing Techniques
  • Hosiery Cleaning Products
  • Drying Tights
  • Washing Between Wearing?
  • Extending the life of your tights
  • Got a hole?

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