Famous Pantyhose pose

Probably the most legendary pose ever captured in pantyhose was by Brigitte Bardot, back in the 1960’s.  Bardot, along with the likes of Edie Sedgwick and Twiggy, was a celebrity well recognized for sporting pantyhose and tights in her clothing style.  Bardot had a number of photo shoots wearing hose, but there was just one photo that become the most widely iconic.

Bardot & Macpherson

Elle Macpherson has been the only woman so far (that I know of) to remake this pose almost spot-on identical, in her famous Playboy pictorial that was featured in the May 1994 issue.  Of course, she took this to new heights with additional photos that were simply stunning, further emphasizing why Elle was nicknamed “the body”.

Of course, after such a presentation, who could possibly imitate it with any real success?  A number of years down the road, and that iconic pose is still being imitated.  Giselle came close, but got her legs crossed the wrong way (it should be left over right, not left under right).  😉  Even infamous Lindsay Lohan had to include herself (she got the pose just about right, except her right foot wasn’t pointing correctly).  Here is just a sampling I’ve seen so far:

Bardot Pantyhose Pose 1

Bardot Pantyhose Pose 2

Bardot Pantyhose Pose 3

This pose allows the model to wear only pantyhose while still maintaining a PG rating, and giving the hosiery a great demonstration of how it looks on the bending leg.  Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so I look forward to seeing more incarnations of this pose in the future.  🙂