Review: Gatta Laura 40 Den

Gatta Laura 40 den pkg

I received these tights from ItSocks in size 5 (extra large) and in the color bronze.  This is described as a sheer style, with an ample percentage of Lycra for good stretch.

First Impression
The tights come in a nice looking traditional card stock envelope with large photo on front and basic details on back.  The tights are tucked  inside a clear cellophane sleeve, wrapped around a smooth card stock support.  The construction and material appears to be very good quality.

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Review: Gatta Rosalia 100 Den, take II

Gatta Rosalia 100 Den 2-4Gatta Rosalia 100 Den 5Anna from ItSocks provided me with two samples of the Gatta Rosalia 100 Den tights, in sizes 4 (large) and 5 (extra large).  I hadn’t intended on getting the size 5 again, but I’m glad that I did.  While my first review of the Gatta Rosalia 100 Den tights was mostly favorable, I was a little disappointed in the fit of the brief not being more snug.  It would work fine for people with a larger waist.

I’d read a few articles about the fabric dyeing process and learned that for certain colors the process will result in a different effect on the fabric.  It’s especially true with black, compared to lighter colors. The difference may even be enough to notice a change in the feel and stretchability.  Well, I can attest to that being the case with the Rosalia 100.  I’d tried the XL pair in anthracite and then got the same style and size in black (nero).  The experience was preferable with the black, and you’ll find out how later on in this review.

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Review: Gatta Rosalia 600 Denier

I recently received a pair of Gatta Rosalia 600 Denier “Polar” tights in size 5 (XL) from ItSocks.  They’re currently on sale at a great discount (38% off) so be sure to check them out, while it’s still cold out!

Gatta Rosalia 600 Denier Polar tights package(Larger package photo — HERE)

We’ve been rather lucky in the New York City area this winter.  It hasn’t been nearly as cold as it was last year.  However, you certainly wouldn’t be walking around outside in your shorts, unless you’re running.  Long heavy pants or thick opaque tights are the clothing mandate of the day.

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Upcoming review — Gatta

Courtesy of ItSocks, I’ll be receiving several Gatta tights styles, ranging from a light 40 denier to a heavy 600 denier fleece.  Keep an eye out for reviews, the first upcoming next week!  Be sure to stop by ItSocks, as they’re having a great winter sale on select hosiery.  There’s also now a Men’s Tights section, which currently lists tights with XL sizes available (still tights marketed to women, but have a good fit for most men).

Gatta Rosalia 600 Den

Review: Gatta Rosalia 100 DEN

Gatta’s hosiery line is mostly patterned, but they do have some nice opaques of various deniers (40, 60, 100, 300).  I selected Gatta’s Rosalia 100, size 5 (XL).  NOTE:  This review is from the male wearer’s perspective, and comments on fit should be considered accordingly (meaning, fit for a woman will likely be better!).

Packaging:  Traditional card stock envelope with large photo on front and basic details on back.  The tights are tucked  inside a clear cellophane sleeve, wrapped around a smooth card stock support.

Gatta Rosalia Tights, 100 denier

First Impressions:  What’s that scent?  It’s kind of like a flowery perfumed soap.  I’ve never experienced scented hosiery before.  The cellophane sleeve isn’t sealed or taped shut, so it’s easy to get them out.  Letting them fall to full extension from my waist, the ends came down to the top of my feet–a good sign on length.

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Polish Pattern Parade

All hosiery companies offer patterned styles, ranging from subtle to loud, conservative to outlandish, and everything in between.  With the advancement of modern machinery and super synthetics, the possibilities are nearly endless.  And some hosiery companies are embracing this opportunity to take it to the next level.

Poland has really become a hotbed for hosiery manufacturing.  From what I’ve learned, there are a number of brands that are not only supplying hosiery within Poland but all across Europe and Asia.  The Internet makes it possible to view their websites, browse their products, and visit European on-line retailers to see what they’re offering.  The more prominent ones that I’m aware of are Fiore, Gabriella, Gatta, Tespol (Mona), and Bas Bleu.  There may be others, but these are the ones I’ve found with a strong web presence and availability worldwide through some retailers.

The Polish hosiery makers seem to be rather bold and artistic in their use of patterns.  Having viewed the styles offered by other brands, I have to say that these are quite unique in appearance.  To give you an idea, I’ve made a few photo collages of them.  Mind you, this is just a subset, because I started running out of time!  Click on each image for a larger view.

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Picture of the Day

I’m going to try doing a “Picture of the Day” posting periodically.  It may not be every single day, but I’ll try to do it as often as I can.

I came across this one recently and it’s one of my favorites:


This is borrowed from Gatta, one of the leading Polish hosiery makers.  The style is “Liva 01”.  Visit their website and take a closer look.  You’ll be overwhelmed with the number of styles that Gatta features, and they’re all very tastefully done too.  I wouldn’t mind being their spokesperson to help get this brand recognized in the USA.  😉