Upcoming review — Gatta

Courtesy of ItSocks, I’ll be receiving several Gatta tights styles, ranging from a light 40 denier to a heavy 600 denier fleece.  Keep an eye out for reviews, the first upcoming next week!  Be sure to stop by ItSocks, as they’re having a great winter sale on select hosiery.  There’s also now a Men’s Tights section, which currently lists tights with XL sizes available (still tights marketed to women, but have a good fit for most men).

Gatta Rosalia 600 Den

Review: Gatta Rosalia 100 DEN

Gatta’s hosiery line is mostly patterned, but they do have some nice opaques of various deniers (40, 60, 100, 300).  I selected Gatta’s Rosalia 100, size 5 (XL).  NOTE:  This review is from the male wearer’s perspective, and comments on fit should be considered accordingly (meaning, fit for a woman will likely be better!).

Packaging:  Traditional card stock envelope with large photo on front and basic details on back.  The tights are tucked  inside a clear cellophane sleeve, wrapped around a smooth card stock support.

Gatta Rosalia Tights, 100 denier

First Impressions:  What’s that scent?  It’s kind of like a flowery perfumed soap.  I’ve never experienced scented hosiery before.  The cellophane sleeve isn’t sealed or taped shut, so it’s easy to get them out.  Letting them fall to full extension from my waist, the ends came down to the top of my feet–a good sign on length.

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