Featured designer: Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci b&w

When you think of multicolored retro fashion, it’s easy for the name Emilio Pucci to come to mind.  Emilio was a Florentine Italian fashion designer born in 1914, who lived up until 1992.  He was somewhat of a Renaissance man, delving into many different areas of interest.  But when he managed to receive notable attention for an experimental stretch fabric he created for his own ski wear design in the late 1940’s, he decided to pursue haute couture as his life long profession.

Emilio-Pucci beginning

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Picture of the Day

Most of the eastern half of the United States is experiencing cloud cover or precipitation today.  It’s certainly a gloomy gray day over here in the New York City metro area.  Here’s a little color to liven up your day.  🙂

Colorful tights animated

Or, if you’d like something with more pizazz than solid opaques, let Emilio Pucci stir it up for you:

Emilio Pucci Tights retro

Emilio Pucci Tights retro 2