Picture of the Day

I have to admit that when it comes to tights, one of my favorite colors is red.  Paired with a black dress and black heels, I think it can be a very flattering look for a woman.  Now, red tights with a red dress is a bit tricky to pull off.  Perhaps if there’s a belt matching the shoes in a contrasting color, it can work.  But… red shoes?  Parker Posey decided to give it a try.  Full mono color red, from neck to toe.  And speaking of toes, she’s donning a peculiar style shoe by Viviene Westwood.  I’d never heard of these before, but there’s so much chatter on the Internet about it, it’s hard to miss!

Parker Posey Viviene Westwood red shoes

Those shoes… shaped for the toes.  What the… ?  It’s almost like trying to make your feet look like the paws of an animal.