Review: Elly Carezza Luna Piena 60

I’d not heard of the Elly brand until I discovered it on Hosieree.  Elly is an Italian company that was founded by Mr. Ubaldo Elli in 1963.  They started producing just stockings, but then moved to compression stockings and then finally pantyhose and tights.  Today they produce 400,000 pairs per month.  The brand is subdivided into two prominent product lines:  Antistress and Carezza.  I also discovered that they have a sub brand called LUI & LEI, a unisex line for both women and men.  However, it is mentioned into just two places on the website and not identified prominently as a separate line alongside Antistress and Carezza.  The Elly website is rather simple in design and the English side was not well checked for grammar and spelling.  I really think their web presence and website could do with an overhaul!  If it weren’t for Hosieree (and Shapings), I think Elly would pretty much be an unknown brand in the USA, because searches on the brand hardly show anywhere else.

First Impressions
I received a pair of Elly Carezza Luna Piena 60 denier style tights from Hosieree.  The packaging comes in a box, similar to the Fiore Elite styles, and is rather good quality.  The front looks quite old style, but classic European.  The tights are very well packaged, wrapped around card stock and inserted in a cellophane sleeve inside the box.  You definitely get the impression that these are meant to be very good quality.

Elly Carezza Luna Piena 60 packaging

Elly Carezza Luna Piena 60 packagingMaterial
These are a 60 denier style, made of 93% nylon and 7% Lycra microfiber.  The quality is very good and it feels soft to the touch.  This style is also boarded, which means the foot and leg is contoured for a better fit.  The photo on the front of the box makes it look like these are very opaque, but they have more of a semi-opaque appearance, like the photo on the back.

The brief is about average in height, with a generous 37mm waistband made of a thicker soft ribbed material that stays in place.  The largest size (4-XL) has a rear comfort panel made of slightly different material (a touch more opaque) and rounded seams are used throughout.  There is no tag or marking of any kind to indicate brand or size.  There is a subtle demarcation between the leg and brief.

These are rather light as far as compression tights go, with a gradual pressure of 3-7mmHg.  The sizing is pretty accurate, although they are a little less stretchy than typical tights because of the compression. I found that as they became more stretched, the opacity reduced quite a bit.  That’s just my usual “footballer thigh” issue, something I think won’t be a problem for wearers with thinner legs.

The fabric is 60 denier, but the appearance is more like 40-50 denier for me (due to my manly proportions). I found the material very comfortable and breathable with decent trouser glide.  They seem to stay up reasonably well throughout a day of wearing.  The seams are rounded, but I didn’t feel like they intruded much on the comfort.  Still, for tights are this price point and the professional packaging, I would have expected flat seams.  The toe reinforcement is visible, but it’s very subtle and will not be noticed from a distance beyond ~3 feet.


  • Fabric – a blend of 93% polyamide and 7% elastane (Lycra microfiber).
  • Sizing – accurate.
  • Opacity (0 – invisible, 10 – total opaque) – 5 standing, 3.5 when bending.
  • Durability (0 – frail, 10 – like steel) – 8.5
  • Waistband – 37mm width, thick material, and very soft.
  • Support – gradual compression from 3-7mmHg.
  • Reinforcement – reinforced toes with rounded seams.
  • Features – back comfort panel for size 4-XL, cotton gusset for other sizes.
  • Colors – black (nero), anthracite, bronze, and dore (medium natural skin tone).

For the price, these tights are a fair value when considering all of the features included.  You can get them for just $14.60 at Hosieree.

Here are some photos of the tights being worn, on measurements of 6’0″, 208lbs, 32″ inseam, and 37″ waist.

Elly Carezza Luna Piena 60 fullElly Carezza Luna Piena 60 feet

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