Tights are not pants, part III

Well, I wouldn’t have expected it, but my “Tights are not pants” series has proven to be one of the most popular on my blog.  With two installments so far, I think it’s time for a third… although it will probably be the last, as one can beat a dead horse only for so long 😉 .  I wouldn’t have thought it possible to continue, except that this fashion faux pas just keeps generating so much material.  Isn’t “faux pas” a great expression?  It literally means “false step” in French, the language of origination.  And it dovetails well with the premise, taking a false step by forgetting that you’re not wearing pants.

Don’t get me wrong–I think tight leggings or thick tights can be worn on the right body with little else, but there should at least be some coverage of the derriere and crotch by a short skirt, shorts, long shirt, or shawl.

These are not pants

Do you even need to ask?

Someone at Buzz Feed created a self-check guide for helping women avoid committing this faux pas.  I don’t know when this was created, but it’s a good laugh:

Am I Wearing Pants?Click on it to enlarge (recommended)

So, without further delay, here are some more brazen contributors to this unflattering style:

Lindsay Lohan, drinkingLindsay, oh Lindsay.  What have you done?  Have you been drinking again?
With the way you’ve been dressing, it sure looks like it.

Lohan Stewart leggings
Martha Stewart seems to know her leggings “fault line”, but Lindsay remains clueless.

Linday Lohan plaid shirt + leggingsShe’s a lumberjack, and she’s OK; she wears plaid shirts and her tights all day.

Lindsay Lohan revealing leggings“Anybody seen my skirt?  I must have left it somewhere…”

Lindsay Lohan, leggings exposed 3I know… what were you thinking, Lindsay?

Lindsay Lohan leggings exposedHad enough of Lindsay Lohan?  OK, let’s move on then…

Emily Blunt tights and very short shorts
Emily Blunt seems to think that close fitting short shorts can make up for it.
Eh, not sure it really works here, Emily.

Olivia Wilde leggings
Here we have Olivia Wilde, letting her leggings parade free below the waist.
Can you say “camel toe”?

Leggings tights as pants It’s amazing how some women can strut around in public like this,
without a care in the world.

Leggings or tights as pants
Talk about flaunting beauty. No doubt about it–a derriere J-Lo would be proud of.  But… much more appropriate for showing in the privacy of home, not to parade in public.

fashion tights as pantsEven in the fashion world, they’re still trying this out.

Leggings OK Leggings Not OK

Sofia Vergara, leggings as pants
Sofia Vergara is still at it, her blouse ending just a few inches below her waist.

Tyra Banks leggings exposed
Yeah, even Tyra Banks does it.  These leggings are not only fully exposed above the leg,
they’re the kind that go semi-opaque when you bend over… Look out from behind, Tyra!

Paris Hilton, tights are not pants
Paris Hilton, did you forget to finish getting dressed this morning? A nightie, semi-opaque tights, and heels is all you’re going to wear?  You’re showing off more than you realize!

Lohan leggings bend-over
This is Paris Hilton, loading up her SUV with the day’s shopping haul… with mom?  So, not only are her leggings well revealed, they become semi-opaque when bending over.  😮

I didn’t forget Kim Kardashian.  After all, she’s kind of a centerpiece to this trend.  She has a seriously generous behind and apparently loves to flaunt it.  She and Lindsay Lohan compete with the number of photos that show exposed leggings. Recently, she created a workout video (probably to deal with her rear proportions), showing her in a get-up that you’d likely see her wearing in the street, at least from the waist down…

Kardashian exercise video

If these photos are any indication, this workout video has been long overdue:

Kim Kardashian, black leggings exposed 1Kim Kardashian black leggings exposed 2

All of them could use a tip from this girl, who at least has her booty sufficiently covered:
Long sweater and tights

So… is that it?  Well, perhaps just one more. A little bit of a send-off.
But don’t say I didn’t warn you!!  😉


orange tights as pants

19 thoughts on “Tights are not pants, part III

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    • Leggings with a long shirt or dress is fine, unless they are very thick. “Jeggings” is kind of borderline, depending upon the style. But as you can see, some women don’t follow this advice. It’s extraordinary how they don’t seem to be bothered by such a revealing display!

  2. that too much to show the body that not accept, should cover by long shirt or dress or skirt… men can wear tights and shorts or skirt as well but for women it still not accept like this that would cause serious rape by someone – should cover to protect their own. Just wear tights cover with skirt or short or dress that would be fine.

  3. Whilst wearing tights/leggings without a skirt is a fashion faux pas, at least most of the women shown on these pages have the kind of figures that would catch your eye for the right reasons. The BIGGEST faux pas is when the bigger girls do the same; I often see women who are UK size 16/18 (US size 12/14) or above wearing nothing more than leggings or 80 den plus opaque tights with long baggy T-shirts. This is NOT a good look and leggings with a T-shirt only serves to accent the corpulence.
    The lesson is this; if you’re not wearing pants, wear a dress, wear a skirt, or wear a LONG shirt and if it wobbles as you walk, don’t expose it to other folk.

    • As they say here in the states, “CHUUUUCH!” In my last job, I could not count how many women tried to break the company dresscoade by wearing sweaters and leggings. Some got away with it, some did not, and the ones that did usually because they were careful enough to wear leggings that were both thick and opaque to fool the casual observer into thinking they were wearing slim pants (or whatever you call those trousers with a narrow leg from waist to ankle).

    • You’re right. The previous photo I’d found was tagged as being Lindsay, so I figured this was still her. But, it appears that Paris Hilton wears that leopard print hat, not Lindsay. Thanks for the correction. 🙂

  4. I don’t care what you say . . . wear tights as pants is one of the sexiest looks. And like any clothing, if your body can’t carry off, THEN don’t do it. And for any of you who are critical, wear whatever you want; just dont try to get everyone else to do the same. That is . . . UNLESS you are going to cure the excessively large stupid, baggy, ghetto look.

  5. Tights should be pants, why not? Makes a women look beautiful, but if your body is not beautiful, than tights are not pants for you! See that is how it is please understand if your body is ugly tights are not pants for you and please don’t wear them and not because you can’t use them try to make other beautiful women’s not to wear them. if you comment that they are not pants we understand that for you they are not pants and it is ok don’t use them a lot of peoples bodies are not perfect. now they should not be transparent, please leave something to the imagination. Thank you

  6. Some actual look good wearing leggings as pants, but others (as most pictured here) are wearing tights as pants – in today’s fashion – not good.

  7. I’m not sure why you care soo much about what other women are wearing? Wear what you’re comfortable with, and let others do the same. It’s pretty clear that a lot of women enjoy the comfort/style mainly based on the sheer numbers of women I see wearing them.

  8. David Lerner has come out with these super-thick leggings that cover the feet and are extremely opaque. They look good, and many of the celebs mentioned in the last three segments definitely have the body to pull the look off, but I still wouldn’t recommend any woman venturing out in public in them without a super long shirt or sweater (you know, one of those numbers that about two sizes larger than she normally wears–preferrably with a belt around the midriff so you can at least fool casual passers-by into thinking it’s a minidress). In fact, one of the main spokewomen for the product was a reporter for E!–I forget her name–but even she has enough sense to wear them with a dress.

  9. Some nice pics. I don’t mind most of them but I imagine all of them were taken in Hollywood and Kalifornia. Only a few were overboard. Of course it is a flaunting of sexuality and an appeal to base physical desires, as well as an ignorance of the effect on others. The next step is walking around nude. Cheers,

  10. How ugly it can become, right? Wish these women had some more style. It is hurting my eyes. Yes, as a man I wanna look at some nice legs, but if they are exposed like that… naah… I don’t bother. But it’s a shame.

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