Review: Fiora Marla 40 Den

Fiore Marla tights package

I received these tights from The Stylish Fox, a USA based hosiery retailer that specializes in European hosiery brands (such as Trasparenze, Cecilia de Rafael, Fiore, Marilyn, Silvia Grande, and Veneziana).

Fiore is a very nice quality Polish hosiery brand with a wide range of offerings from sheer to opaque and solid to patterned.  Their hosiery is divided into several tiers, with the Marla style as part of their Street line.  This is the fourth style of tights by Fiore that I have reviewed.

First Impression
While these microfiber tights are not from the Elite line, the Marla 40 Den have a nice quality about them when touching the material.  The packaging is on par with other Fiore hosiery packaging I’ve seen before, such as for the Fiore Paula 40 Den.  I got these in size 4 (L) and in graphite, which is a cool gray color.

Fiore Marla 40 DenMaterial
The Marla is made from a blend of nylon, Lycra (microfiber), polypropylene, and cotton, which is a very soft and light feeling material.  Although 40 denier, the sheer quality seems more like 25-30 in appearance with an interesting angular geometric argyle-like pattern throughout, which could work for male or female styles.  It has a matte finish to it that is good about avoiding the snags you get with typical microfiber.

The material is of uniform density from toe to waist (no control top). The brief is definitely a low on-the-hip style.  The waistband has a comfortable width (just about 4cm), made of a thin material that is different from the brief, and comes to rest a few inches below my navel.  It gives a reasonably good hold without digging in.  The size 4 comes with a cotton lined gusset.

There are good quality flat seams used throughout.  The toe seam is rounded to conform to the arc of your toes and feels comfortable.

The Marla style comes in 3 sizes: 2, 3, and 4.  Unfortunately, these were not a good selection for me, as the very low brief style and rather light denier, with less stretch of the material than something like the Roza style, made the sizing run a little small.  I was actually able to stretch them on, enough to demonstrate their resilience, but they were too stressed to wear comfortably.  Letting them fit to my leg without overstretching had very good results.  These would have been possible for me with a moderately tall brief and a little extra length in the leg.

Fiore size chart


  • Fabric – 84.5% polyamide, 12% elastane (Lycra), 2.5% polypropylene, 1% cotton
  • Sizing – See chart above.
  • Opacity (0 – sheer, 10 – total opaque) – 4 when standing, 4 when bending.
  • Durability (0 – frail, 10 – like steel) – 6
  • Waistband – 38mm width, thin material, and very soft.
  • Support – none.
  • Reinforcement – invisibly reinforced toes, flat seams.
  • Colors – From what I’ve seen, these are offered in Black, Graphite, and Purple.

I think these would be a fine choice in tights for anyone seeking a nice geometric argyle pattern in a 30 denier appearance material with low rise brief.  You can find them for $9.99 at The Stylish Fox.  You will also find other Fiore hosiery styles there, so I recommend checking out their website.

Keep in mind that these photos are demonstrating an overstretching of the tights to get them to fit.  So, for anyone falling comfortably within size 4, you will have a little more opaque appearance and obviously a much better fit.

Fiore Marla 40 den full

Fiore Marla 40 den feet

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