Review: Gatta Rosalia 100 Den, take II

Gatta Rosalia 100 Den 2-4Gatta Rosalia 100 Den 5Anna from ItSocks provided me with two samples of the Gatta Rosalia 100 Den tights, in sizes 4 (large) and 5 (extra large).  I hadn’t intended on getting the size 5 again, but I’m glad that I did.  While my first review of the Gatta Rosalia 100 Den tights was mostly favorable, I was a little disappointed in the fit of the brief not being more snug.  It would work fine for people with a larger waist.

I’d read a few articles about the fabric dyeing process and learned that for certain colors the process will result in a different effect on the fabric.  It’s especially true with black, compared to lighter colors. The difference may even be enough to notice a change in the feel and stretchability.  Well, I can attest to that being the case with the Rosalia 100.  I’d tried the XL pair in anthracite and then got the same style and size in black (nero).  The experience was preferable with the black, and you’ll find out how later on in this review.

First Impression
The tights come in a nice looking traditional card stock envelope with large photo on front and basic details on back.  The tights are tucked  inside a clear cellophane sleeve, wrapped around a smooth card stock support.  Interestingly enough, the XL size came scented while the L size did not.  It may be due to the production run, as the packaging photo is clearly different; the scent is from a newer package style.  I prefer the lack of perfumes, but it does fade after washing.

Gatta Rosalia 100 Den pkgsMaterial
These tights are made of 86% nylon and 14% Lycra microfiber.  It’s not Lycra 3D, it stretches really well.  Although the package says the material appearance is 100 denier, the impression I get for my fit is that they’re more like 80 denier.  It’s still quite opaque when standing, and a little less opaque when bending.  If you fall towards the middle of your selected size range, you’ll get a more opaque look.  The fabric has a feeling of decent durability.Gatta Rosalia 100 denier microfibre tightsPanty/Brief
The waistband is very soft and light, and fits reasonably snug.  It will roll over if you’ve got a little extra weight above, but it doesn’t dig in at all.  Although there is no support, the brief fits comfortably.  The XL size has a back comfort panel, which does indeed make for a less constricted fit for the male wearer.  The seams are not flat, but they’re quite thin so you really don’t feel them.

My previous sample in size XL (5) was good, but I found that the fit improved with the black color.  There’s just a little more stretch and conformity.  Despite the brief being just a little larger, it held more snugly when worn.  It was nice to find that the size L (4) actually fit me pretty well.  I did have to stretch them a little more than the XL, but the waist came up to the proper position.

Gatta Size Chart

These are probably some of the softest tights I’ve worn.  They aren’t made of Lycra 3D, but they sure feel comfortable.  That’s the advantage of microfiber, whereby the core synthetic fibers measure less than 1 denier, and are used together to make a heavier denier yarn.  The 14% Lycra content provides a good stretchiness.  The overall appearance is mostly opaque when standing up, but bending the knee shows less opacity, more like 70 denier.  It’s less obvious when wearing a color other than black.  At the ankles, they remain nicely opaque, so you could wear these under trousers without socks added.  There is reasonably good glide when worn under other clothing.  As for warmth, they feel pretty much like 80 denier.  They may feel warmer if you fit somewhere closer to the middle of a given size.  It does feel like moisture is wicked away. You can easily wear these under trousers, certainly in the open with a skirt, and even as sleep wear on a chilly night.


  • Fabric – a microfiber blend of 86% polyamide and 14% elastane.
  • Sizing – 2) small (up to 165cm, 70kg), 3) medium (up to 175cm, 80kg), 4) tall (up to 185cm, 85kg), and 5) extra tall (185cm, up to 95kg).
  • Opacity (0 – sheer, 10 – total opaque) – 8.5 standing, 6.5 when bending.
  • Durability (0 – frail, 10 – like steel) – 7
  • Waistband – 2.5cm width, thin material, and very soft.
  • Support – none; fabric has same thickness from toe to waist.
  • Reinforcement – standard seams, but thin in profile.
  • Features – no obvious division between leg and panty; gusset for size 4.
  • Colors – According to the Gatta website, this style is made in: black (nero), beige, brown, medium gray, dark gray (graphite), and purple. From what I’ve found so far, size 5 comes in only graphite and nero.

For the price, these are a nice deal.  Would I wear them under trousers?  Yes, but probably with briefs.  The microfiber makes them very comfortable, enough that they would make great sleepwear on chilly nights too.  As of this writing, you can buy them at ItSocks for just £4.99.

Actual Photos
The purple size 4 tights were stretched a little more, showing slightly less opaque.  In the photos, what looks like material shine is really the strong light reflected against my skin, showing through the tights where it is thinner.  The purple shows a little brighter in person, too.  Keep in mind that I am 6’0″, 208lbs, with 32″ inseam and 37″ waist, which goes beyond the recommended dimensions for size 4.

Gatta Rosalia 100 Den black

Gatta Rosalia 100 Den blackGatta Rosalia 100 Den purpleGatta Rosalia 100 Den purple feet

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