Review: Fiore Raisa Elite 120 denier

Fiore Raisa Elite 120 denier tights

(Alternate photo — HERE)

I received these tights from The Stylish Fox, a USA based hosiery retailer that specializes in European hosiery brands (such as Trasparenze, Cecilia de Rafael, Fiore, Marilyn, Silvia Grande, and Veneziana).

Fiore is a very nice quality Polish hosiery brand with a wide range of offerings from sheer to opaque and solid to patterned.  Their hosiery is divided into several tiers, with the “Elite” being the flagship line made of their best materials.  The Raisa 120 Denier is their heaviest and most opaque footed style in the Elite line.  This is the second style of tights by Fiore that I have reviewed (see Fiore Paula 40 Den).

First Impression
You can tell right away that Fiore puts a little extra care into these tights. The box is really a box, not an expandable envelope, and attractively decorated.  The tights are wrapped around card stock and enclosed in a plastic sleeve.  There is a small window at the top, to confirm for you the color inside (there is also a label on the outside stating the color name).  These definitely look and feel like a quality product.

Fiore Raisa Elite 120 DenMaterial
The Raisa style is made with 81% nylon, 18% elastane (Lycra 3D microfiber), and 1% cotton.  It’s a very soft and plush feeling material, both inside and out.  While matte in appearance, there’s a smooth finish to it that is good about avoiding the snags you get with typical microfiber.

The material is a uniform opaque from the waist to toe (no control top), and the brief is just a little below average in size, perhaps just a little shorter without being low-rise.  The waistband is a generous 4cm and made of a different material than the brief, with good structure and softness.  The gusset is narrow and soft, with a thin cotton liner that is opaque and breathable.

There are good quality flat seams used throughout.  The toe seam is rounded to conform to the arc of your toes and feels comfortable.

The Raisa style comes in 3 sizes: 2, 3, and 4.  It would be nice if they came in a size 5 (XL), as the sizing runs just about spot-on, if not just a little small. These do not have enough stretch to comfortably fit someone taller/larger than the highest size 4 dimensions.  I was able to get them on and the material felt quite comfortable, but I was pushing the limit.  I had elected to get these based on another review that indicated these have a lot of stretch, and that they do, but apparently not quite enough for my size.  If your size is within the chart dimensions, I feel confident to say the tights will fit you well. Sampling a normal fit on the leg (without over stretching), the material feels comfortable and breathes well.  The smooth finish means little friction against clothing (such as dresses and trousers).

Fiore size chart


  • Fabric – 81% nylon (polyamide), 18% elastane (Lycra 3D microfiber), and 1% cotton.
  • Sizing – See chart above.
  • Opacity (0 – sheer, 10 – total opaque) – 9 when standing, 7 when bending (will probably show more opaque with lighter colors).
  • Durability (0 – frail, 10 – like steel) – 8
  • Waistband – 4cm width, thick material, and very soft.
  • Support – none.
  • Reinforcement – invisible toes.
  • Features – flat seams, cotton gusset, no obvious division between leg and panty.
  • Colors – From what I’ve seen, these are offered in Black, Mocca, Navy Blue, Graphite and Plum.

I think these are a fine choice in tights for a winter weight of 120 denier that looks opaque while breathing well.  They are offered at a reasonable price of $13.60 at The Stylish Fox.  You will also find other Fiore hosiery styles there, so I recommend checking out their website.

Keep in mind the appearance here is affected by overstretching to fit (I’m too big for this size) and that if you fall within the size chart dimensions, you’ll have a good uniform opaque look.
Fiore Raisa Elite 120 Den

Fiore Raisa Elite 120 Den

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