Featured retailer: Hosieree

Hosieree headerYou may have seen my earlier posting about Hosieree, an on-line hosiery company based out of the USA, when they were running a special winter sale.  The owner of Hosieree, Yekaterina, was kind enough to spend some time for an interview with Tights For Men.

Hosieree has been in business on-line since 2005, selling internationally, and offer a wide range of hosiery products that includes tights, stockings, thigh highs, pantyhose, leggings, socks, knee-highs, and lingerie, plus products for bridal and maternity.  Their hosiery brands are quite diverse, with names like Trasparenze, Falke, Oroblu, Fiore, Gabriella, Cecilia de Rafael, and Levante, among many others (30 and growing).

The interview
I presented several questions for Hosieree about their business, products, customers and future plans:

How much of your business is from buyers in the USA versus internationally?
More than 80% of all our customers are from US.

Do you get many inquiries from male customers about tights?  If so, from what countries?
We have male customers and have been getting some specific inquiries from them. Most of are from the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

Are you actively looking to carry tights made specifically for men?
We were actively looking for decent men’s tights for a pretty long period of time with no luck. Some brands presented on the men hosiery market offer poorly designed and manufactured products (major concerns to fabric quality). There are not that many models and colors to choose from as well. Other brands offer way overpriced models. So we’re recommending our male customers to choose from traditional women’s hosiery, but in a larger size. Some styles in large sizes are equipped with a front and/or back panel that adds more comfort for men.

What tights styles that you carry are popular with men who are inquiring or buying for themselves?
I would say there are three styles that have become very popular among our male customers (those are buying for themselves): tights with support, opaque tights, and some styles with gloss.

What are some upcoming hosiery brands that you plan to add to your product offerings?
We recently brought in the “Pretty Polly” brand. We are planning to add 2-3 more brands this year. Now we are in the process of reviewing several manufacturers to choose from. We will make our decision in the 2nd quarter, but can’t reveal any details beforehand.

What qualities do you feel make it attractive for international customers to buy from Hosieree?
Our business sells only high quality European products, carefully selected from different manufacturers. We are trying to offer unique products with an exceptional quality for a reasonable price. International customers could benefit from the same great selection and shopping experience as domestic ones. Our motto is to treat every customer as a special person with his or her own hosiery needs, wishes and desires; we try to satisfy all of them as much as possible.

What are your thoughts about the emerging awareness of men wearing fashion tights?
Our business offers fashion seasonal collections twice a year. If we would see a growing demand on those models from our male customers, it will be a great success of such an “emerging awareness”. And we would definitely like to support such an effort.

Yekaterina, thank you very much for taking some of your valuable time to participate in this interview.  I encourage my readers to go have a look at Hosieree and see what they are offering today.  There are usually some styles on sale too!

4 thoughts on “Featured retailer: Hosieree

  1. Awesome! You know I feel that these are just small seeds that you have sown into the idea for a fashion revolution for men to wear tights! One day we shall see the seeds that you and many other men who advocate men for tights will one day bear fruits! :))

    • Well, I wish I could take credit for that, but you’d be amazed at how many seeds have already been planted. The plain fact that hosiery retailers can’t deny is that men buy tights and pantyhose for themselves and have been doing so for a long time; it’s a pretty sizable percentage of their business that they are compelled to acknowledge. It’s only now that fashion designers like Rad Hourani have taken the lead with showing men’s fashions that incorporate tights. It will probably stay as a small niche corner of men’s fashion for quite some time, before it ever achieves a staple style (if ever). You’ll not have much trouble wearing outfits with tights in large metropolitan cities (like SF, LA and NY), but smaller cities in the Midwest will probably always be risky.

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