Tights for tanning… what?

OK, we’re in the midst of winter, a time when our skin is gradually getting more pale with less sun exposure.  Do you visit a tanning salon?  Do you take a tropical vacation and get a deep tan in that short time?  Do you use an artificial tanning product?  Or, do you just cover up with opaque tights and wait for spring?

Women are often quite preoccupied with tanning in the warmer months. On average, I see far more women baking in the sun for a tan than guys do.  Even in this day and age, when we’ve come to learn so much about skin melanoma and how dangerous the sun’s rays are, people still love to bask in the rays of the sun with minimal clothing.  Apparently, malignant melanoma is Britain’s second most common cancer in 15 to 34-year-olds, responsible for 2,000 deaths in England and Wales every year.  Thankfully there is high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) lotion available, where you can more adequately control how much sun exposure you get.  And while sales of sunblock lotion has been increasing, the sales of artificial tanning products has also been on the rise.

You’ve probably heard about the spray-on tanning lotion technique to get a tan.  Using a spray bottle, you apply a lotion mist to your skin that, in a certain amount of time without sun exposure required, will darken your skin to look like a tan.  It’s messy, difficult to control an even application, and has a tendency to give your skin an orange hue.  Supposedly the more costlier spray tanning products do a better job (less orange), but it does call into question what effect those chemicals are having on your skin.

What’s the better solution?  Get this: tanning tights.  Well, they’re really pantyhose (the lighter denier name for tights in the USA), as the denier is a super light 8 in the case of the ones made by Skin Kiss.  And they look like typical pantyhose when worn. However, impregnated in the fibers is a tanning lotion that has the same kind of effect as tanning spray.  Curious, isn’t it?

Skin Kiss "Fake Tan Tights"
(Images courtesy of Tights Please)

So, the idea is that when you start out like this:
Skin Kiss "Fake Tan Tights" beforeYou will end up like this after 2 hours of wearing the tights:Skin Kiss "Fake Tan Tights" after

The vendor seems to have supplied an “after” photo with a model wearing pantyhose (just look at the toes up-close), so I guess this is intended to be a simulation of the actual effect.  Anyway, the tights contain an Erythrulose tanning agent. “DHA, Aloa, Erythrulose & other proprietary ingredients combine to leave a smooth and even tan.”

Apparently this is a new item, as there’s a bit of a buzz going on via various media outlets on the Internet (this is how I learned about them). The Daily Mail in the UK has a pretty good article with some interesting details. “Trials found the combination of DHA, Aloa and Erythrulose help produce an even and long-lasting glow. Speaking about the product, a spokesperson for the UK brand said: ‘The technology and clinical tests have shown positive results. The demand that we have seen for these tights is truly unprecedented.’ “Once used, the sheer tights can be washed and worn again and they come with a pair of plastic gloves to minimize the risk of getting stained hands during removal.”

Ladies, if you have tried these please take a moment to comment on your experience.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Tights for tanning… what?

  1. Where do I get these in the United States of America? How much do they cost in dollars and cents? Would love to try them!

    • I’m not really sure. You can try searching with Google to see what you can find. I’d really like to see some testimonies as to whether they work or not.

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