Review: Comfort4Men Luxury 60 Den tights

Have you heard of Comfort4Men (or C4M)?  It’s a hosiery company based just outside of Nuremberg (Nuernberg) Germany that makes anatomically correct tights for men.  It was started by a woman of great determination, and I think her story is best told by her:

“I worked in the fashion industry for many years and was always surprised that fashion and health care products such as support tights were only ever made for women. Support stockings and support tights would also help men to get through the day more comfortably if they have to sit or stand for long periods of time.

My story begins with a relative who suffered a serious thrombosis. From this point on he needed to wear medical compression tights. As no difference in fit was made between women and men, they were very uncomfortable to wear, particularly in the genital region. Up to this point in time, no-one apparently had troubled to find a solution for this problem. This was the basis for my idea.

Tights are ‘unisex’. Although in the world of fashion women have ‘taken over’ tights, they were originally exclusively men’s clothing. Today there is no reason why a man should not wear tights. Through their simplified production method and the way they are cut, modern tights are specially adapted to the female anatomy. So it is understandable that a man may have difficulties with the fit of support tights. For as the name says, support tights “support”, providing a compressed fit. For a woman, this effect in the panty part of the tights is often even desirable.  But for a man, it can be quite uncomfortable.

Our soon to be patented solution now also enables men to utilize the health and aesthetic advantages of tights without having to forgo comfort. With today’s technology there is no longer anything unaesthetic or even unpleasant about the support effect! It has nothing more to do with the earlier ‘Granny look’. Try it for yourself and you will see it and feel it, I assure you. That is what I have determined, and that is also Comfort4Men’s motto.”

— Angelika Weiss

C4M produces an impressive line of tights specifically for men.  There are 3 main style choices:  support, luxury, and opaque.  Within each style, there are several choices of color, denier, high/low brief, gusset color, fly option, and size.  The result is approximately 60 variations, for just one style!  The founder of C4M has taken a very thorough approach to the art of creating tights for men.

The “support” style comes in 40, 70, and 140 denier for low, medium, and strong support.  The “luxury” style is a special Tactel Nylon with Lycra 3D in 60 denier, and the “opaque” style offers either 70 denier (silky soft material) or 80 denier (firm texture).

The style I received is the C406M Luxury 60 den tights with a high waist and fly opening, in size 6 and the color anthracite.  C4M has their own sizing scale, where “6” is the tallest size for the Luxury style.

C4M Luxury tights package

First Impressions
The packaging is rather basic, and straight to the point.  It comes in a thick cellophane sealed bag with medium weight cardstock liner.  When removing the tights, there is an instant recognition of quality, by virtue of the obvious flat seam construction and the unique front comfort panel.  The tights have a generous length to them unstretched.

The Luxury style is 60 denier, constructed of 92% Nylon and 8% Elastane (Lycra).  The overall appearance is mostly opaque on the feet and calves, but becomes less opaque on the thigh and brief (depending upon your weight relative to the size selected).  It is a very comfortable weight material that has a slight sheen in bright light, but otherwise matte in appearance. The material has a decent amount of stretch, seemingly appropriate for 8% elastane content.

The brief is constructed of the same material as the leg, with no visible demarcation line.  The waistband is nearly 3cm in height, constructed of a slightly different texture than the brief, and feels very comfortable.  The crotch/gusset is comprised of two different materials:  a satiny smooth soft low stretch material in the top “reservoir” portion, and an extremely soft stretchy Okotex 100 fabric even softer than typical microfiber.  The gusset materials are stated to be quick drying, hard wearing, dimensionally stable, and able to wick away moisture.

Flat seams are used throughout the garment, and depending upon the color selected they may be more visibly pronounced.  On the anthracite color they are easy to see, providing a more masculine look to the tights. The toe seam is thinner, rounded, and quite soft.  The toe end is invisibly reinforced.

These tights are offered in sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, and 7+.  I selected size 6 which just barely accommodates my size proportions, because size 7 appears too generous.  I am glad I selected size 6, as I found the tights to fit quite comfortably.

I wore these tights several times under trousers as I headed outside for my activities of the day and evening. I found the fit to be excellent and comfortable, with reasonably good warmth while also providing moisture control.  It was definitely noticeable that they remained comfortable indoors as well as outdoors.  I did find that after repeated sittings and standing that some adjustment was necessary, but that is fairly typical of most tights.  What was really the most remarkable experience was to visit the lavatory and not need to bring my pants down.  Access through the fly was easy and swift.  What’s also great about the special crotch material is that it feels quite comfortable while providing reasonable support.  I have to say I enjoy wearing these instead of traditional briefs!


  • Fabric – 92% nylon (polyamide) and 8% elastane (Lycra).
  • Sizing – Accurate. See chart above.
  • Opacity (0 – sheer, 10 – total opaque) – legs (8.5 stand, 6.5 bend), brief (6).
  • Durability (0 – frail, 10 – like steel) –  9 (no signs of snagging from dry skin)
  • Waistband – about 3cm height, smooth and medium structured material.
  • Support – None in this style.
  • Features – double stitched flat seams throughout; special gusset design with fly.
  • Colors – Black, anthracite, and light gray.

These are really remarkable tights for men.  I very much appreciate the attention to the male anatomy and the fabric is very comfortable.  I could easily see wearing these on a frequent basis.  If there was any fault to find, it would be the need for just a little more elastane (Lycra) content, perhaps more like 12%.  This would help provide an even better fit that would require less adjustments.  But this is only to seek perfection.  I am indeed quite happy with what is delivered.  Of course, for tights with special features for men not found anywhere else, they are going to be more expensive than women’s tights.  The price for the Luxury 60 den tights is 42,95 €.  The light support tights can be purchased for as low as 30,50 € outside the European union.  Naturally, pricing in other currencies will be subject to fluctuation by current exchange rates.  In my mind, the cost is well worth it when considering the ability to customize your product options and the quality of what you get.

Lastly, here are some photos of the tights actually being worn by me.  Keep in mind that this is subjective to my physique and your appearance may differ.

(Note: the gusset is in fact symmetrical; my anatomy is affecting the appearance here)

5 thoughts on “Review: Comfort4Men Luxury 60 Den tights

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  2. An excellent, informative and detailed review. Your conclusions are similar those I reached on The Hosiery For Men blog. Comfort4Men have created an excellent product that takes men’s tights to a new level. I will be reviewing the 80 denier opaque Comfort4Men tights soon.

    • Thank you! I appreciate your positive comments and your reviews of Comfort4Men tights had been an inspiration to test these out myself. I’ll be looking forward to your next review. 🙂

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