Emilio Cavallini 40% off winter sale

Emilio Cavallini Logo

*** UPDATE ***
This was apparently a limited time sale and ended January 31st.  Sorry.

I happened to notice that Emilio Cavallini is having a super 40% off winter sale on their website, although I have no idea how long it will last (probably as long as inventory lasts).  This includes a number of clothing styles, as well as tights from their Winter/Fall 2011/2012, and Unisex collections.  Their exchange rate looks seriously favorable for the USA, as the prices shown in USD are just about the same as GBP (hopefully this isn’t a mistake and the price will carry over to check-out).  I’m not sure if USD prices shown include VAT, so they could be even cheaper for non-EU customers.  And if you spend over 100 EUD, you get free shipping (in Europe).  However, shipping is relatively high for the USA ($25 for up to $300, but free over $300), so you’d be best to buy at least several items.   Anyway, they have a fabulous array of patterned tights, as well as basic unisex styles.  Just one drawback I’ve found: their “M/L” is the largest size, tapping out at 5’11” and 176lbs.  So for someone like me, I have to pass on this one.

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