Review: Donna Karan Perfect Opaque / Signature Luxury 0B259

dk logoDonna Karan Perfect OpaqueI recently reviewed a pair of DKNY Super Opaque control top tights and found them to be very acceptable for the price.  This was a pleasant discovery, as in the past I had found the plain opaque DKNY tights to be less generous in sizing.  I then decided to have a look at the Donna Karan line and noticed several styles that appealed to me.  They have a “Luxe Layer” version that is micro fleece lined and results in a very deep and uniform opaque appearance.  But unfortunately the sizing offers only two choices, the larger being M/L, reduced by 30lbs in maximum weight from Donna Karan’s Tall size.

Donna Karan seems to experiment a lot style naming, resulting in a little confusion about what their product names really mean.  I’ve noticed “Perfect Opaque”, “Signature Luxury”, “Signature Lux 90”, and “Sueded Jersey”, all looking to be about the same in terms of description.  I decided on the “Perfect Opaque”, after being able to feel the material first hand at the Bloomingdale’s flagship store.  This has a 90 denier material, heavier than the Sueded Jersey style that is described as 70 denier.  They aren’t control top, but there is mention of the brief offering light support.

I bought mine from Neiman Marcus (they had a free shipping promotion for January, no matter the price).  This is a top end clothing store, right up there with Bergdorf Goodman.  Both are legendary in reputation for being the stores where the wealthier people shop.  Their inventory buyers have to buy the best, so if you find something sold there you can generally count on it being very good quality. Hence, it is no surprise to find Donna Karan there.  I bought on-line and my order was sent via 2-day Fedex shipping for free, arriving 2 days after placing the order. That’s rapid fulfillment for you, and right in line with the Neiman Marcus reputation.

NOTE:  This review is from the male perspective, so for women the experience will likely be superior.

Donna Karan Perfect Opaque frontFirst impressions
The packaging is clearly superior for the Perfect Opaque over the DKNY Super Opaque, but that’s to be expected with how the brands are positioned.  It’s a high quality card stock envelope with attractive facade.  What really surprised me is that when taking the tights out of the package, they look very much like the DKNY Super Opaque tights.  Same waistband.  Same flat seams.  Same heavy looking appearance.  But… there are some notable differences.  First, these aren’t stated as “Control Top”, but the brief is very similar in thickness.  The DKNY tights brief is just a tad thicker and about 1″ taller.  The material thickness for the Perfect Opaque has the same density from the waist all the way down to the toes.  These are really thicker overall.  One other difference I immediately noticed was that the toes are not rounded.  This surprised me, as Donna Karan is considered a luxury brand above DKNY.  A straight toe seam often leaves you with a “toe fin” flying off the smallest toe.

DK Perfect Opaque toe finMaterial
The packaging states 90+ denier appearance, but it’s really more like 150 denier due to the dense weave. The leg and panty material is very nice and luxuriously thick.  But what I find most appealing about it is the resistance to snagging.  It’s polished, but without a noticeable sheen.  Whereas my dry fingers might lightly catch some micro fibers on the DKNY Super Opaque tights, and the Falke Pure Matt 100 for that matter, on these there is none of that despite feeling like microfiber.  The appearance is remarkably opaque, and so I can appreciate the style name “perfect opaque”.  Very appropriate.  There is some semi-opaque effect when bending a knee, but it’s quite muted.  On thinner legs, it’ll likely remain fully opaque no matter what.  Black is the most widely available color, although from some retailers you can also find them in chocolate brown.  The fit on the legs provides light/medium compression.

As I mentioned before, the brief area has a very thick opaque appearance that extends down through the leg.  There is a subtle change in material below the brief, but no visible demarcation.  The compression effect with these is less than the DKNY Super Opaque, but still works very well for a snug fit.  The brief length is a bit short, and would probably qualify as low-rise.  The waistband folds over rather easily, but sitting lower on the hips lessens the chances.  If pulled up to just below the navel, the brief will eventually slip down a little, but then settles on the hips and does a pretty good job of staying there.

The flat seams on the panty are truly first rate in construction, just as good as the kind you find on Falke.  They’re wide, flat, strong, and comfortable against the skin.  The gusset is fully surrounded by them and small in size.  The seams at the toes are thinner.  You’ll feel them slightly along your toes, but they’re comfortable and easily run low so I expect that they’re hidden with shoes that show the toes.  Also, the toe seam conforms reasonably well, so the “toe fin” is rather small (but this will vary, depending on your foot shape).

The tall size for Donna Karan ranges from 5’5″-6’0″ and 155-195lbs.  However, the highest weight for 6’0″ is 175lbs, and the tallest size for 195lbs is 5’8″.  I find that these Perfect Opaque tights are more generous than that.  At 6’0″/210lbs, these tights actually fit me very well, just as good as the latest DKNY tights I tried.  They may accommodate someone a little heavier, but that will depend upon your proportions and you can expect they would be less opaque.


  • Fabric – 91% nylon (polyamide) and 9% elastane (Lycra).
  • Sizing – Generous. See chart above.
  • Opacity (0 – sheer, 10 – total opaque) – 10 when standing, 9 when bending.
  • Durability (0 – frail, 10 – like steel) –  9.5 (if steel could stretch, these would be it)
  • Waistband – 3cm width, smooth and soft thin material. Tendency to roll when sitting.
  • Support – Medium compression, from waist to toe.
  • Features – double stitched flat seams, very opaque look, total opaque brief.
  • Colors – Black only.

Other considerations
The quality control appears to be top notch, absolutely no defects.  Also, the material is more durable and less prone to “fabric burn”.  Not only that, but the heel and toe are opaque in appearance, enough to pass for socks.  Because the material is so dense, I don’t find them very comfortable under medium weight trousers while indoors.  But they breathe pretty well and seem to work OK, as long as the trousers are thin and breathable.  I wore them for a walk over 2 miles and they held up well, no signs of pilling.

These tights are priced at $18 and I’d say they’re well worth it.  In the latter part of the season they might be discounted a little, as I saw one other Donna Karan style go on sale (the Luxe Layer, from $24 to $17).  I was going to wait, but as a couple of retailers have been offering free shipping, I decided to buy another pair.  I really like these tights.  I have to say that they are right up there with Falke in terms of overall quality.  The fit is terrific with a light snug compression, and the appearance is very opaque.  If Donna Karan would update these with rounded toe seams and a sturdier waistband, they’d truly be perfect.  And, perhaps provide a few other colors like a dark burgundy, midnight navy, and anthracite gray.  Are these my ultimate choice in opaque tights?  Well, for heavy look opaque comfortable tights under $20, definitely so.

Donna Karan Perfect Opaque fullDonna Karan Perfect Opaque feetUPDATE:  Although the glide effect under trousers is not very good with thick matte finish pants, I decided to give these a wearing for a full evening of being out and about.  When walking in the cold air, they feel terrific, providing a nice layer of extra warmth.  Indoors they feel fine, as long as you’re not doing too much activity.  They do breathe somewhat, but there’s a limit.  I imagine if worn with a skirt or shorts, this wouldn’t be an issue.  I did find that the leg material will slip down just a little after sitting/rising a number of times, as well as the waistband folding over, but I suspect that for those people falling closer to the middle of the Tall size chart, this won’t be a problem.  They are remarkably durable.  I haven’t tried testing them for fabric burn (from rubbing), but they don’t pill at all from rubbing against pants material.  They are so durable, that I decided to try them out as running tights.  They do work, being more ideal when the temperature is in the 40-50F range.


8 thoughts on “Review: Donna Karan Perfect Opaque / Signature Luxury 0B259

  1. It is pleasing to see such terms are “deniers” appearing on hosiery sold in the US stores. Great review, thank you.

    • You’re welcome. Yes, the word “denier” sometimes appears on select hosiery designed by USA companies (manufacturing is very often elsewhere), and Donna Karan seems to be including this information more commonly now (didn’t used to see this back in the 1990’s). European hosiery is sold in the USA too, which always shows the denier. The funny thing is, that denier is only part of the information. It doesn’t say anything about the weave density, which also contributes to the level of opacity. So, including denier plus the degree of opacity (semi-opaque, opaque, super opaque, ultra opaque, etc) helps give a very good idea of what the fabric is like.

  2. I bought these today. I saw them in the shop couple weeks ago and was wondering whether to get them and read your review.

    Today I was near the store and decided to get them – they are exactly the same ones you have reviews – Donna Karan Hosiery The Signature Collection – Perfect Opaques and the same style code – 0B259). I was kind of hoping to get some wool pattern tights but didnt see any I liked.

    The packaging doesnt mention the denier but they seem thicker than normal 70. Maybe 90. When i cross my legs and bend my knee, I can see my legs underneath a bit so its not completely opaque like a 100 or 150 denier may be – although never worn 150 or 100 denier tights.

    They were bought from TKMaxx (UK) and were only £3.99. According to, this works out about $6.30 so I got a bargain. TKMaxx if you didnt know is a place that sells stuff – sometimes “designer” cheap. They dont have a massive range of tights and they tend to be more the designer ones that Pretty Polly/Charnos etc.

    There range is not massive – its basically whatever they probably can get hold of cheap.

    As you mentioned in your review, the toe is not round and square. This is a bit odd – never had tights like this. Guess it depends on what shoes you are wearing if this would effect you on how they look.

    I am wearing them now with some 5 inch heels which are NOT open toed and they are fine. The toe-fin is fairly big on my feet – like you said it depends on shape of foot. Also I have pretty small feet. These shoes are a size 5 I am wearing – although as with all shoes sizes vary all over the place!!

    I should mention that I am a guy as well so thats why I am saying size 5 is “small” for a guy. Actually my other “normal” shoes are more like size 7 so who knows if its really a size 5! Anyway, important thing is they fit fine and no slipping.

    Anyway, back to the tights. Only just put them on now (with some shoes and a little black dress) and they look good and smooth.

    I am only 5’4 – 5’5 ish but they only had a size medium. Looking at the size charge (I am about 140lb) I am just into size medium. Would have preferred size small. When I bend my legs, the tights are bunching up a little bit round the back of the knee – which is a shame. These were the last pair of these tights – they was one other packet but the tights were half out the packet – although this did give me the chance to feel the tights and see that they are thicker than your average opaque tights.

    Also I have noticed that going all the way from bottom of tights to the top on both legs is a darker “line”. On each leg they are on the same position – inner leg. At first I thought they were laddered and would have to return (although TK Maxx do no refund on tights!). Maybe its just how they were folded in the back – maybe they have been in the pack for years???

    Overall a nice pair of tights 🙂

    • Kylie, I’m glad to hear another person’s experience of these tights. Wow, what a bargain you got! It does sound like your sizing is more properly suited to the small size. As I mentioned, they are rather generous in fit. My height/weight combination exceeds the large size, but I found they fit very nicely with just a little more stretching in them for someone taller. Anyway, for these quality tights you did do quite well as so the fit being a little large isn’t too much of a detriment. About that darker line you mentioned, that is from being wrapped up in the packaging. In the larger photos I’ve seen on-line of this style, I can see that line on the model! I found it does disappear with a proper washing, though.

      They are very durable and should last you a long time. I don’t know if there’s any way to force a contraction of the material to better suit you. I know with cotton tights that putting them in the dryer can help cause them to shrink a little. Anyway, thanks a lot of commenting and please feel free to come by anytime. 🙂

      • You got the same deal pair I did. Got mine from TK Maxx and for £3.99 as well (see review above)

  3. Hi T4M. I managed at last to get hold of a pair of these tights. TK Maxx have them for just £3.99 a pair but in chocolate only. I have done an initial test wear and would agree with everything in your accurate and thorough review. I will also review these on Hosiery For Men – but likely to be in the autumn.

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