Featured designer: Rad Hourani

Rad HouraniRad Hourani is a fashion designer, who was born in 1982 to a Jordanian father and a Syrian mother in Jordan.  After his high school graduation, he worked full time as a modelling scout and a stylist.  Eventually he moved to Paris, where he designed his first clothing collection.  Somehow, a mere two years later, he launched his namesake label for a fashion show and received notable attention.  All at the young age of 25 (he’s 29 now).

What sets Rad apart from most other designers is his conceptional direction being predominantly focused on unisex designs, with a flair for goth.  His fashions have become cult classics, often compared to established designers known for technical precision.  In 2009, he hit the ground running with some outfits incorporating tights for women… and men, exuding a bleak-urban-future aesthetic.  Rad has his own website where you can view the breadth of his designs: Rad Hourani.  Meanwhile, please enjoy a few images I’ve located and posted below.  Also, there’s a great interview with him on YouTube.

RAD by Rad Hourani
(Rad Hourani’s designs, on women and men)

Rad Hourani Men's line
(Samples of the men’s line alone, featuring black opaque tights)

Rad Hourani backstage
(Rad’s fashion line-up, back stage)

I think Rad’s designs are effectively unisex in a number of respects, and I like his use of black opaque tights.  However, I did see one design that looked a bit more on the feminine side.

(Skirt? Or Black kilt? Hmmm…)

Rad Hourani - Bohemian cool
(I like this kind of urban Bohemian look, lower Manhattan casual wear)

I could see this styling continuing off the runway and into the streets, but I wouldn’t mind occasionally sprucing it up with just a little suggestion of color, like dark burgundy or deep navy colored tights to draw some leg attention.

Tom Cruise models Rad Hourani (Heck, even Tom Cruise likes Rad Hourani’s style… 😉 )

7 thoughts on “Featured designer: Rad Hourani

  1. Hi,

    I have just come across the site and what a refreshing view that is seen, I have worn tights for some years and I am not gay or a weirdo just a normal happily married man who prefers to wear tights than socks.

    I know of several guys in the area that also wear them and the sad thing is that they are seen as a secret love, what would be nice to see is them as part of the mainstream everyday life perhaps product placement on television or the endorsement and display of them by a top boy band would make them more acceptable.

    I challenge the designers out there to get them into the everyday wardrobe of guys out there.


    • Welcome, Mark. Glad you found us here. 🙂
      Rad Hourani is not the only designer out there with an eye for male clothing designs using tights, so the trend is definitely happening. The advanced textiles of today have enabled the creation of incredibly comfortable tights that both men and women should enjoy. Not only is the sensation pleasant, but the warmth and protection benefits are great too. So, why not take it to the next level and let the tights be shown, right? With tastefully thought out designs, it really does work, and I think we’ll see more of them in the coming months and years ahead.

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  3. Hi Rad, I like your style too. For several reasons I personally wear no tights but rather all sorts of long stockings. No kilts but long skirts. No black but a wider range of colours and patterns (specially tartan). As children we wore long stockings under shorts pants, it was normal, and I still like it and try to propagate this beautiful fashion in my web site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/aryaman-stefan/ .

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