Featured designer: Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci b&w

When you think of multicolored retro fashion, it’s easy for the name Emilio Pucci to come to mind.  Emilio was a Florentine Italian fashion designer born in 1914, who lived up until 1992.  He was somewhat of a Renaissance man, delving into many different areas of interest.  But when he managed to receive notable attention for an experimental stretch fabric he created for his own ski wear design in the late 1940’s, he decided to pursue haute couture as his life long profession.

Emilio-Pucci beginning

Emilio-Pucci early days b&wBy the 1950’s, Pucci was internationally recognized for bright swimwear, free flowing dresses, silk scarves, and many other kinds of separates.  Known as the “Prince of Prints”, his name became synonymous with geometric prints in a kaleidoscope of colors, admired by fashion houses and magazines worldwide.

Emilio Pucci at work

Emilio even influenced the design of the Apollo 15 mission patch that NASA adopted.

Emilio Pucci at NASAGlamorous women, both models and celebrities, could be seen around the world wearing his designs.  Unfortunately Emilio passed away in 1992, but his designs still live on today, with his daughter Laudomia Pucci continuing his creative traditions to inspire the latest styles.

Emilio Pucci LIFEMany people have written extensively about Emilio Pucci, so I won’t attempt to paraphrase the content here.  But why write about Emilio Pucci to begin with?  Well, his early styles in the 60’s did make use of tights as part of his outfits and even some Pucci pattern inspired styled tights have been produced.  Otherwise, it’s just a matter of style appreciation.  Some of them are very retro looking, echoing Pucci’s early designs, while others remake them with a more modern flair.

Emilio Pucci vintage 1Emilio-Pucci many colors

Emilio Pucci catsuit LIFE
(Ready, set… catsuit!)

Emilio Pucci catsuit 1

Emilio Pucci catsuit 2

Emilio Pucci early daysEmilio Pucci in the beginning 02Verushka pour Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci leotard

It’s amazing to see the breadth and depth of colors and patterns that Emilio conceived in his designs back in the 1960’s and onward.  His flair became so appreciated by the public, that after passing on his daughter Laudomia was compelled to continue his design business under her direction.

Laudomia Pucci colorLaudomia Pucci portrait

Of course, there must also be some tribute paid to Emilio Pucci design inspired tights.  🙂

Emilio Pucci tights

Emilio Pucci tights retro 3

Emilio Pucci Tights retro 2

Emilio Pucci Tights retro

Emilio Pucci tights, il filo di perle vintage(Emilio Pucci design tights, courtesy of “il filo di perle vintage”)

Emilio Pucci design tights

I have no idea how many Pucci design variations have been made for tights, but it looks to me like it’s at least half a dozen.  And even more catsuits.

The range of Pucci designs is enormous.  I’ve accumulated hundreds of photos from various sites around the Internet, and while some examples are clearly modern incarnations, there are plenty that could pass for retro or modern.

Emilio Pucci shawlThere’s far more to see on the Emilio Pucci website, especially the “then and now” section, which I encourage you to check out.  Emilio had such a keen eye for style and design.  He really could be called the Father of Stretch Fabrics, which inspired a path of development that eventually led to the fantastically fine and stretchy yarns of today.  And certainly, opaque tights are one of the beneficiaries.

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