Upcoming review — Donna Karan tights

NOTE: I changed the title… it turns out that the “Signature Lux 90” is not some exclusive style made for Neiman Marcus.  It is the “Perfect Opaque” style, simply labeled differently.

I was a bit confused by a number of naming variations that Donna Karan had come up with for a line of opaque tights.  You would find “Perfect Opaque”, “Signature Luxury”, “Signature Lux 90”, “Luxe Layer”, “Luxury Layer”, “Sueded Jersey” and so on.  They’re all opaque tights… so what’s the difference?  Well, in some cases the same style is just being resold under a different name.  But, in other cases, there are some physical differences (ranging from slight to more substantial).  And some hosiery makers will create a style that is distributed to only a few select stores.

I recently came to learn about the “DK Luxe Layer” tights, which are a very solid looking opaque style (could pass for 120 to 200 denier) with an inner micro fleece layer, sold through Bloomingdale’s.  They have a terrific looking front panel that can serve both women and men very well.  These are different from the “Luxe Layer” style also offered by Donna Karan, as the Donna Karan website shows a different panty/brief design (seam is up the front).

Donna Karan DK Luxe Layer
Incidentally, I’ve come to discover that this photo above of the “DK Luxe Layer” has the tights on with the back panel in front.  Another website shows the tights with this panel on in the rear, which I think is how it was intended.  But, apparently it can be worn either way. That’s good for men who might be interested in this style.Another great opaque style is the Donna Karan Perfect Opaque (also known as “Signature Lux 90” or “Signature Luxury”, depending upon the retailer).  While the “Sueded Jersey” style is 70 denier, these are 90 denier and described on their site as “sleek tights in opaque matte for rich saturated color and complete leg coverage”.

Donna Karan Signature Lux 90I expect to receive a pair by the end of the month and will post a review shortly thereafter.

Incidentally, I have updated my DKNY Super Opaque CT review with some actual product photos.

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