Tights are not pants, part II

I hope everyone got a good laugh out of my previous post about “tights are not pants“.  There was more material available, but I figured it best to save it for a part II.  And so without further delay, here you go:

Tights are not pants - stop the madness!
Indeed, help stop the madness!  🙂  [photo courtesy of Use A Mirror]

American Apparel has also joined the bandwagon against this fashion style (if you could call it that):

Tights warning - these are not pantsYou have been warned!

And then on the celebrity circuit, a few more dared to test the boundaries of this trend.

Sofia Vergara - tights-are-not-pants 1
Too thin to be leggings, no skirt — Sofia Vergara is wearing these footless tights as pants. Sofia, don’t look for a Pepsi–look for your pants!!

Sofia Vergara - tights-are-not-pants 2
Was it warm enough that Sofia forgot her panties too??  😉

Kim Kardashian - tights as pants
That’s infamous Kim Kardashian, sporting what looks like lycra dancer’s tights

Kim Kardashian Leggings-Are-Not-Pants
At first it looks like Kim’s blazer covers her business, until we see her from behind!

Christina Aguilera - Shopping At Fred Segal
Christina Aguilera with either a leotard or very high rise hot pants on

And there’s also the fashion blogger scene, where some flirt with this style too:

Tights and no skirt, London Fashion Week 2011
Her blouse is really too short to go without shorts or a skirt,
making her tights serve as pants!

Other chatter about this on the Internet:

Well, there you have it for part two.  It’ll be interesting to see what comes around this spring, if there might be enough material for a part III.  😀


And… here you go:  Continue to Part III

5 thoughts on “Tights are not pants, part II

  1. Sofia Vergara – good legs,good ass! fabric looks cheap, with spandex or lycra will be much, much better.
    Girl in blue looks sexy too!
    Aguilera looks terribly.

    • There is a fine line between vulgarity and sexiness. It looks like Sofia had some kind of shawl to drape over her waist, but it wasn’t “committed” to the task and could easily fall out of place, in which it did here. But, this isn’t her only fashion atrocity. In part III, you’ll see more examples. 😉

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  3. Lets face it, there are only a very tiny small handful of tights actually thick enough to cover any seethru effect, so put some pants or shorts on!!! They are designed to be worn UNDER clothing. I found only 1 brand where you can actually get away with it–Platino luxe fata completely opaque tights, but you will be still showing the lines of your underwear. Typical tights are way too thin, and wearing alone showing the rear crack with no underwear is just disgusting.

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