Featured retailer: IT SOCKS

IT SOCKS is an on-line hosiery retailer based in the UK, founded by Anna Oldbury.  The company is now entering its third year of business and has expanded considerably.  They have a terrific range of tights, stockings, hold-ups, leggings, socks, and lingerie.  Based in the UK, they sell worldwide, supporting site display currencies in GBP, EUD, and USD.  They are also active via Twitter, Facebook, and their site hosted blog.

I had a chance to interview Anna, which I hope you’ll enjoy reading.

  • T4M: How much of your business is from buyers in the USA, and do you know how most customers find out about your website?
  • Anna: “USA customers who visit ItSocks site account for about 10% of overall traffic. It is a significant number and the largest market for ItSocks outside of the UK. I believe that most of the traffic in the USA comes from Google search engine and a word of mouth. We also have loyal customers in the USA who buy tights on regular basis.”
  • T4M: Do you get many inquiries from male customers about tights, and are most from the UK?
  • Anna: “We do get inquiries from male customers and so far apart from yourself, most of the inquires come from the UK.”
  • T4M: What tights brands/styles are popular with men who are buying for themselves?
  • Anna: “We sell a lot of tights to men in general and sometimes it is hard to tell whether the customer is purchasing for himself or as a gift. However based on the regular male customers who buy for themselves the brands favoured by them are Gatta and Fiore.”
  • T4M: What tights are popular for women who are buying from the USA?  Do they favor any particular brands?
  • Anna: “American ladies like more elaborate designs in comparison to men. Italian made tights with Lurex by Lores are very popular, as well as Veneziana, Gatta and Fiore. Women buy patterned and tattoo tights; men more plain, opaque tights or hold ups.”
  • T4M: What are some upcoming hosiery brands that you plan to add to your product offerings?
  • Anna: “We are always on the lookout for new brands and designers. Due to high demand we are planning to expand our range of tights by a brand Marilyn. We may also look into selling more known brands like DKNY or Aristoc. We get new brands contacting us all the time, so you never know what the New Year may bring.”
  • T4M: What qualities do you feel make it attractive for USA customers to buy from ItSocks?
  • Anna: “We are a very small company and offer personalised service, fast delivery and no frills returns. Orders placed before 2pm UK time are usually shipped the same day and all stock available on the website is ready to dispatch. We also value feedback from our customers and are always open to special requests.”
  • T4M: What are your thoughts about the emerging awareness of men wearing fashion tights?
  • Anna: “In my opinion it is only a question of time before tights for men become a norm. There are thousands men wearing tights secretly and what is needed to make it more acceptable is a celebrity endorsement. I think David Beckham would be great to make tights for men cool, as people look up to him. Society in developed countries such as the UK and USA is changing and new trends come and go all the time. Cosmetics for men have become a trend only recently and it is a huge industry. I believe tights will be next.”

Thanks for participating in this interview, Anna.  Congratulations on being our first featured retailer!  🙂

6 thoughts on “Featured retailer: IT SOCKS

  1. Fantastic interview. I buy a lot of tights from the UK, but I must confess ItSocks is a new name to me. Not for long though, as I’m already diving into some of the unique brands they offer! I would be a pleasure to give them my business. Anna sounds delightful!

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