Requiem for Geraden’s blog

NOTE:  Geraden’s site is no longer active, so links now point to the Wayback Machine archive…

Geraden?  Who is Geraden?

The name was originally conceived of by Stephen Donaldson in his famous novel “The Mirror of Her Dreams“.  The author of a man’s blog about tights decided to adopt it as his nickname.  And so on Blog-City in April of 2005, he began writing Geraden’s blog.  Within the first month he had over 600 hits and continued to gain public attention, reaching 100,000 hits in July ’06 and over 500,000 in just 11 months later.  Over the course of the next few years, Geraden kept up with his blog fairly regularly, adding more useful content to it as time went on.  Back then, his blog was really the best source for information about men interested in wearing tights, or acknowledging the desire to but struggling with guilt and shame about it.  It even gained tremendous attention from the “men wearing pantyhose” buzz in 2008, having been linked to through Wikipedia and referenced by several news outlets at the time.  But, as will happen with most blogs, there comes a point where the author either loses interest, replaces the interest with something more compelling, or other changes in life make it impractical to continue.  Unfortunately, sometime in 2009, Geraden went mostly inert on his blog.  He did continue to maintain it and deal with approving comments and trashing spam, though.

But then there came an uncommon reason for a blog to die: the hosting service closes up shop.  Blog-City, a blog hosting service from the UK, has been surpassed significantly by the likes of WordPress, Typepad, and Blogspot. The pressure has been too great and so now they are retiring their service at the end of 2011.  Geraden has no interest in the daunting task of transferring his blog content to another website and possibly face having to pay for the level of hosting required.  And so, it is about to become accessible only through the “Way Back Machine” archive website.  Of course, this means no new content.  At the moment, the website archive has an old snapshot, back from July 8th 2011.  And sometimes, for some reason, old snapshots are lost.  Therefore, if you haven’t given Geraden’s blog a good look-over, you might want to check it out before it is retired from Blog-City.

There are many posts on Geraden’s website, too many to list them all here.  Although there is a recently posted/commented list, highlight of common keywords, and a search box, there is unfortunately no index.  If you’re pressed for time, here are some highlights from his blog (they’ve been updated to point to the archive, except for the first one):


Geraden, thank you very much for your highly useful contribution to the men’s hosiery community.  We are sorry to see you go, but grateful for your past efforts.  Hopefully they will continue to live on through the Way Back Machine archive site.  I will try to occasionally repost some of your topics that I found most useful, giving them an extended lifespan (and of course, cite you with full credit).  Best wishes, health, and prosperity to you!

NOTE:  A contributor to Geraden’s blog (Astringman) had mentioned having conceived of a device he calls the “A-string”, which is used to help keep loose fitting tights from slipping.  He contacted me with the details of this support device, in a PDF document that is linked to above and here.  Our thanks to him for taking the time to author it!  🙂

6 thoughts on “Requiem for Geraden’s blog

  1. Yes, it is a real shame. Geraden will also be the standard for blogs about tights and men. It will be impossible to cover as much as he did – just looking at the review archive makes me feel I have along way to go.

    • Indeed. He shared an interesting perspective and had a very balanced, objective response for people who commented on his blog. Also, did you ever see his trivia questionnaires? I think he may be coming from an engineering discipline, as some of the questions got into the technology of hosiery manufacturing that is way beyond what the average person might know. Anyway, I just hope the archive remains accessible for a good long while.

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  3. Geraden did a fine service and I’m so glad that what he did will be archived. My story was probably the last that Geraden posted (from ‘astringman’). Unfortunately Geraden never got round to finishing it i.e. explaining what the ‘a-string’ was! It is simply two bands of elastic put on in a clever way to form a material-free g-string. I couldn’t wear tights comfortably without a-string support and I’m keen to share this simple solution with fellow wearers. I have a 2-page illustrated PDF which explains how to make and use the a-string. Would Tights For Men like to help share it?

    • It’s good to see you make an appearance, Astringman. I’d had wondered about that, the detailed description of how the “a-string” worked, and just assumed it was left dormant until Geraden had time to get back to it (which of course didn’t happen). I’d be happy to host a link to it, if you can provide one. Do you still find it necessary to use this, even with the more modern textiles that tights are made of today? If so, is it still a matter of proper sizing, that to achieve your comfortable height, the supported weight is always a bit too much, resulting in a loose fit? I recommend trying DKNY’s Super Opaque Control top, or Donna Karan’s Perfect Opaque. They work very well for slimmer body types and are very good at resisting slippage.

  4. Thanks to a couple of readers of Geraden’s blog, I’ve been pointed to a few more posts that should be mentioned. I’ve added them under “more…”.

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