Tights in Style — featured fashion blogger

There are thousands of fashion bloggers out there on the blogosphere, some of who like to incorporate tights into their wardrobe.  While browsing “Chictopia” to see what clothing styles women have been fashioning, I came upon Virginie.  In the colder months of the year, of which there are many up in Canada, tights come in handy for style and warmth and Virginie makes tremendous use of them.  She seems to prefer colorful opaques more than anything else, and I like the style combinations she has used with them.  On her blog, called Virginie’s Cinema, she shares outfits, tips on being a small business owner and ideas on how to make our life prettier and tastier.  Definitely check her out.

Here’s a collage of some of her styles, to give you an idea of what she’s visually about:

Virginie Outfit Collage

Virginie is an independent movie producer who has produced 13 shorts films and a 24 episodes web series.  Her work has been shown in festivals around the world, notably the Cannes Film Festival. She is currently producing a feature film with her husband Ramiro that will be shot in January of 2012.

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