Picture of the Day – The Red Legs

Nina Dobrev Rolling Stone - We Love Colors
Nina Dobrev featured in Rolling Stone, wearing We Love Colors red tights

Red is indisputably a sexy color.  You see some of the hottest sports cars produced in several variations of the color.  The “woman in the red dress” is an icon of sex appeal.  And so when it comes to the legs, red does a wonderful job there too.  I think there’s something so eye catching and attentive about a woman with red legs, especially if contrasted with a neutral outfit.  The legs make it all come together.  Although red tinted sheer pantyhose can look sexy, I somehow find a true solid opaque red to be more commanding.

red tights fashion

If you look across the blogosphere of fashion, you’ll find red tights frequently making an appearance these days.  Many different shades, many different outfit combinations. One nice example I saw recently with a terrific shade of red is by Elsa, in her blog “Ca Surmoi”:  * Preppy Girl *.

3 thoughts on “Picture of the Day – The Red Legs

  1. Merci beaucoup pour cette mention à mon propos, qui va d’ailleurs très bien avec votre article que j’ai aimé parcourir. Bien entendu, il n’y avait aucun souci au contraire, c’est un honneur!

    A bientôt, chez vous ou chez moi! 🙂


    • Je suis très heureux que vous avez aimé mon article. Vous avez un style qui est assez jolie. Je me réjouis à la visite, chez vous ou chez moi! 😀
      ~ Sandy

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