Review: Cecilia de Rafael — Jumbo 200 Denier

Cecilia de Rafael is a Spanish hosiery company.  They are well known for their high quality patterned hosiery, and I’ve been impressed with their unique styles.  They also make what appear to be good solid opaques.  I decided to give their Jumbo 200 Denier opaque tights a try.  Although CDR is from Spain, some of their hosiery is made in Italy, the Jumbo included.

Cecilia de Rafael - Jumbo 431

NOTE: This review is from the male perspective.  I am 6’0″, 210lbs, 32″ inseam, and 37″ waist.

Once going beyond a certain size, some hosiery makers utilize a back-panel design for proper fit and comfort. Usually they are provided in the “plus” sizes, but some makers use them in their taller XL sizes.  On the tights I bought, they came with a back panel.

At first, it seemed like these tights fit me reasonably well.  The material is super soft and amazingly does not bag at the knees after sitting down for an hour or more.  The waist band is very comfortable and does not roll over, but I found that it does not hold up… the tights slip down after not much time.

Basically, I found the “back panel” on these tights to not work well.  The seams catch on the legs when moving around, tugging downward.  The seams are flat and well crafted, but the back panel design causes them to pull tightly when crossing your legs.

The material is decently opaque when not stretched, very soft to the touch, and when worn they look mostly opaque when standing up.  Still, it doesn’t look quite as smooth as envisioned in the image shown on the package.  As soon as you bend your legs, the material becomes semi-opaque (like a 40 den appearance) from the knees and up to the top of the thigh.  And when stretched, the soft feeling of the material becomes more ribbed-like.  It’s also prone to pilling.  After one full day of wearing, I could see the pill-effect progressing on the lower part of the back panel.  The surface is sensitive to rough edges, so if your fingernails aren’t totally smooth, you’ll feel some slight snagging (nothing that causes runs, though).

So, I decided to give them the “sleep” test.  I wore them on a chilly night, with a thick down comforter over me.  I actually slept well.  When I awoke in the morning, they were still well positioned on me, no bagging at the knees or ankles at all, and I was dry.  The fabric seems to wick away moisture pretty well and is incredibly soft.

In conclusion, I would not wear these under trousers because I’d be pulling them up all day.  Even as lounge wear around the house, they are a little bothersome.  They’ll only be good for sleepwear on chilly nights.  Otherwise… I have to say that these were a disappointment.  The fit may be better without the back panel, but I have yet to find a review on these for S-M-L sizes anywhere on the Internet.


  • Fabric – 95% nylon (polyamide) and 5% elastane (Lycra 3D).
  • Sizing – 1) small (145-155cm, 45-52kg), 2) medium (155-165cm, 52-62kg), 3) average (165-175cm, 62-72kg), 4) large (175-185cm, 72-82kg), and 5) extra large (180-190cm, 82-94kg).
  • Opacity (0 – sheer, 10 – total opaque) – 9 when standing, 5 when bending.
  • Durability (0 – frail, 10 – like steel) – 6
  • Waistband – 2.5cm width, medium material, and very soft.
  • Support – none.
  • Reinforcement – back panel.
  • Features – flat seams, no obvious division between leg and panty.
  • Colors – According to their website, this style is made in: black, anthracite, marino, brown, navy, red, indigo, green, chocolate, and mocha. Size 5 might have fewer.

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