Picture of the Day – Mia Rosing

OK, this is more than just a “picture of the day”.  This will be a kind of photo spread, with a specific feature in mind.  Without further delay, I bring you Mia Rosing:

Mia Rosing head
Mia Rosing is a Danish fashion model, born in 1983 and has appeared in a number of fashion publications and shows over the years.  She won Elite Model Look Copenhagen in 1998, and placed second in the finals.  But she is also well known for modeling Wolford hosiery.  Once a model makes the front package of Wolford hosiery, she remains there for quite some time until a refreshing of the product line.  You can still find Mia on the packaging for some of Wolford’s more popular styles, like the Velvet De Luxe 50 and Mat Opaque 50.

Mia is sometimes mistaken for the recent actress celebrity Meagan Fox.  Here is a small photo tribute I made for her (click on images for larger view):

Mia Rosing mirror

Mia Rosing double

Mia Rosing double 2

Mia Rosing for Wolford 1

Mia Rosing for Wolford 2

Mia Rosing for Wolford 3

Mia Rosing for Wolford 4

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