Review: Voodoo 120 denier Totally Opaque Tights

Australia features a number of hosiery brands that are rather popular in their land, but not very well known in the USA or Europe.  The two foremost that I’ve come to learn about are Leona Edmiston and Voodoo Hosiery.  Voodoo is a trademark of Pacific Brands Hosiery Group, an enormous conglomerate of 37 brands that includes the likes of Clarks, Dunlop, Everlast, Jockey, Slazenger, and Rio to name a few.

When I spotted Voodoo and discovered a retailer that makes their products available to customers in the USA, I browsed this hosiery line and found this terrific looking “totally opaque” style that intrigued me.  Upon reading about Voodoo hosiery sizing charts, I found that their XL size is supposed to support 85+kg (188lbs) and 185+cm (6′).  Since the large size maximum measurements are 180kg and 80cm, I figured that the XL size would accommodate 95kg.  And so I ordered a pair of their “totally opaque” 120 denier style.  They do offer a “voluptuous” version of the 120 denier totally opaque designed for the fuller figure, but the height tops out at 179cm.  There is also a 200 denier style, but from what I could see the weave density had a slightly less opaque appearance at the bending knee.

The packaging is your typical hang-tag design, but the thick cardboard wrapping has a glossy finish with an attractive image on the front:Voodoo 120 denier

First impressions out of the box:
Luxurious!  The feel of the material is supple and lush, like a very fine velvet sheen.  You get the impression that they are going to smooth onto your body with a wonderfully deep opaque appearance and feel terrific against your legs.  There’s a weightiness to them, a bit more than other tights I’ve held, which further suggests that they have a good opaque quality.


  • Fabric – a blend of nylon and elastane.
  • Sizing – average (up to 170cm, 70kg), tall (up to 180cm, 80kg), and extra tall (up to 185cm, 85kg). Not very generous in extra tall size.
  • Opacity (0 – sheer, 10 – total opaque) – 9, with slight sheen.
  • Durability (0 – frail, 10 – like steel) – 8
  • Waistband – medium height, medium thickness, and soft.
  • Support – slightly denser panty with a slightly visible separation line.
  • Reinforcement – invisible reinforcement at the toe, none at heel.
  • Features – flat seams
  • Colors – According to their website, this style is made in: Apricot Orange, Aspen White, Black, Blue Sapphire, Grey Kiss, Lava Red, Olive Night, and Shadow Purple.

Well, I wish I could have given a thorough usability report on these Voodoo tights, but unfortunate I couldn’t.  The extra tall size was not very forgiving.  The retailer websites say that the weight is 85+kg and height is 185+cm, but this is wrong because it suggests a little higher is supported.  But the packaging says “up to”, meaning that those numbers are the maximum.  As a result, these did not fit me well.  I was able to get them fully on, but because I had to make a few pull passes on them for a proper fit, the opacity took on more of a 50 denier appearance.  And although the seams are very well constructed, it felt like wearing them for a full day would create too much strain on the material and seams.

Otherwise… like I mentioned earlier, the luxurious feeling of the material is quite nice.  Stretching the fabric taut in my hands, I get the impression that for a true “totally opaque” appearance, your sizing should be a few cm and kg below the maximum.  The overall quality of the product suggests that it will last longer than average.  I also searched around the Internet for women’s comments and overall most appear happy with these tights and that they last a long time.

Voodoo 120 denier shown
Photo shows a velvet smooth appearance, when appropriately sized

I bought my pair from Trixan Body.  They have good prices, friendly staff, and your purchase comes in an attractive striped box.  Also shipping time was pretty reasonable (about 7 business days once notified that it has shipped).

The Voodoo Hosiery website is very nicely done and attractive to look at, making heavy use of Adobe Flash.  Their core collection is where these tights are featured.  The other two I mentioned are not there any longer (the Voluptuous and 200 denier), so perhaps they are being discontinued.  Strangely, there is no sizing chart provided on their product details pages.  You have to seek that out on retailer websites.

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