Russian Business Magazine “Lingerie & Tights”

I was researching the brand “Cecilia de Rafael” and discovered that they had a link to a publication that reviewed them.  This lead me to a website called “Biko-Info“.  That’s the domain name for the publisher of Russian Business Magazine “Lingerie & Tights”.  From their website, you can download the latest issue and also a “Top 100” active brands on the Russian market.  The current #32 2011 issue is enormous, weighing in at 50Mb!  But it is worth taking the time to download it.  The Adobe PDF document contains mostly photo ads for lingerie and hosiery companies with reviews/assessments throughout written in Russian.  So for us English speaking folks, it’s a “pictures only” experience.  This is a “business to business” e-magazine, specializing in the hosiery, lingerie, and active wear industries.  They also have previous issues available for download from their archive (averaging around 12Mb each).  Take a moment to check it out.